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Hide Your Food! It's the Return of Sigma Phi Sigma

Sigma Phi Sigma--the co-ed mortuary science fraternity here at Carl Sandburg College--held their first meeting this school year. The first and second year mortuary science students all gathered around in a crowded class room for the glory of eating free pizza. The idea for the meeting is to have all the mortuary science students meet each other and to introduce the first year students to Sigma Phi Sigma. Doing both is a bit difficult when people's faces are being swarmed with Papa John's pizza and soda pop. I'll admit though having free pizza is a good incentive to encourage the first year students to attend the meeting. If there was no food, I doubt half of the second year students would have bothered showing up.

At the meeting I was somewhat taken surprised when I was asked to speak to the entire mortuary science program about Sigma Phi Sigma. For five minutes, I quickly scribbled down some thoughts on a piece of paper as to what I was going to talk about. This year there is slightly over 50 students in the program. I usually have no problem speaking before people, but it is a lot better when you know about it ahead of time. There is a little tactic I like to use called preparation. I like this tactic. I am not a big fan of something unexpected thrown upon me. Especially when half the time I don't know what will be coming out of my mouth.

Overall the first Sigma Phi Sigma meeting went well. It wasn't exactly an all-you-can-eat pizza meeting considering by the time I went to get some pizza there was hardly any food left. Plus it was a bit different this year with majority of the first year students being quiet like tiny mice. Maybe it is because a good percentage of the second year class is older than the first year students. Maybe some of them thought we would spank them if they said anything stupid. I don't know...maybe some of them will speak more at the next meeting.


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