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About a month ago Dax Riggs released his new album, Say Goodbye To The World, but I figured I would wait to write about the album until I saw him live in St. Louis. I spent 10 years trying to catch him live. I was about to give up considering it seems like he likes to cancels shows whenever I try go see him perform live. Five times I have missed him. That has never happen to me before. Thankfully, I was able to see him and chat with him in St. Louis. Weird little guy--but talented nonetheless.

For those who are not familiar with Dax Riggs, he found success in a influential southern psychedelic hardcore/metal band called Acidbath. After Acidbath, he went from the short lived but amazing Agents of Oblivion to several variations of his Deadboy and the Elephantmen band. After Deadboy and the Elephantmen, Dax decided to start releasing albums under his own name. Not bad for a guy who dropped out of 7th grade.

Say Goodnight To The World is not Dax's best album. In my opinion his best album (outside of Acidbath and Agents) is the original demo version of If This Is Hell Then I'm Lucky that he recorded as Deadboy and the Elephantmen. However since the demo version of the album was not officially released and most people are not familiar with it, his best is probably the album If This is Hell Then I'm Lucky that he released originally as Deadboy and the Elephantmen and then later re-released under his own name.

While not superior to If This is Hell..., Say Goodnight To The World is an improvement over We Sing of Only Blood or Love as an album as an whole. With We Sing Of Only Blood or Love, the album felt unsure or confused as to what musically the sound should be. And the album is definitely on a different level compared to the travesty of We Are Night Sky. There is no White Stripes sound here. It is just the familiar haunting, eerie sounds that one imagines echoing across from the unseen parts of Louisiana's bayou.

In my opinion Dax shines best when he is able to show off his voice. Tracks such as the title track,
I Hear Satan, Like Moonlight, Sleeping With The Witch, and See You All In Hell Or New Orleans all bring a certain richness to the album. Dax Riggs also does a cover of Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel, which is an interesting choice considering all the covers he has perform live in the past.

If you are looking for something new or different for your music collection then pick up this album. This music may not be for everyone's taste, but it is something beautiful to listen to on a rainy day.


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