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The 4th Week Massacre

Sometimes in life you might feel like a cowboy riding on the back of a horse into the sunset with your guns blazing in celebration of victory. Other times in life you might feel like a helpless victim being shred apart to pieces from a roaring chainsaw in some random B-movie horror/slasher film. Some of us from the mortuary science program probably feel like the latter after this week.

The mortuary science program just finished the last of three exams for the week. Students came face-to-face with Restorative Art, Funeral Administration Services, and Thanatochemistry exams that had a "take no prisoners" attitude. Sadly, students in the accelerated program (a program designed for students to complete the 2-year mortuary science program in one year) had more than three exams this week. We all survived the least I believe everyone did. Now we have a small break to enjoy ourselves until we encounter the Embalming I exam which will most likely occur next week.

Another reason why this week has been chaotic is because the mortuary science program was being reviewed for its accreditation. Officials came to Carl Sandburg College to make sure the mortuary science program was up to standards, and if the program didn't meet the standards or certain expectations then it would be shut down. This little process happens every seven years. We passed. Our program shined like a diamond stuck in the mud. Trust me if we didn't pass then I would not be writing this blog post right now. Now I imagine our instructors will also be enjoying some relaxation this weekend. One thing I have learned is to appreciate any little free time that you can get. Sometimes it seems like it is never enough.


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