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Graveyard Trippers

(CSC Original Post 09-22-09)

It’s Monday. It is one of those days that you wish you did not get out of bed for. There’s no sun. The weather is getting colder. Coffee just doesn’t help days like today.

Today our mortuary science class took our first field trip. We all loaded up on a bus (well, some people had to cram inside a van due to lack of seats), headed out to a few cemeteries in the area and did a cemetery walk. The mood of the group was mostly quiet, with the exception of Tim Krauss who led the tour of the three cemeteries. We probably learned more about Tim during this trip—which was somewhat amusing. I’m going to leave out the topics that kept coming up with Tim, but I have to give him credit he got some laughs out of us.

The class went to three different types of cemeteries: an old one, a modern one and one that is run by the state. During these tours we observed how some things have changed throughout history with cemeteries and we also picked up on some local history here in Galesburg. We looked at some old unique burial sites, went inside a mausoleum and also learned that the people who are buried in the state cemetery are the ones who died in a mental institution.

There is not much I can cover here about the tour. It was a nice chance to learn a little bit of history of Galesburg. The trains coming through Galesburg were a bit annoying plus my socks are still soaked from walking through the wet grass, but overall it was not a bad experience.

When we got back to Carl Sandburg College, the Sigma Phi Sigma group had a quick meeting. I join a couple of their committees for fundraising and activities. Now it’s time for me to study for my Chemistry exam and my A&P exam. Let the good times roll.


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