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A Little Thing Named Sigma Phi Sigma

(CSC Original Post 09-17-09)

Alright! It’s now the third week of school. At least I think it is. Exams are popping up faster than acne on a 15 year-old’s face. These are the times you hit the books studying to make your ma/pa, wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, child/dog/whatever proud! Myself, on the other hand, I am writing you this blog instead. The little sacrifices I make for Carl Sandburg College. But I am doing this for you. You should feel special.

What news can I bring you this week? Well, how about this. This week (well technically it was last Wednesday) our humble class learned about a little organization called Sigma Phi Sigma. “What exactly is that and why should I care,” you might ask yourself. I’m here to give you some knowledge.

Sigma Phi Sigma is the Mortuary Science Fraternity here at Carl Sandburg College. Now, when you saw the word fraternity and first thing that came to your mind was parties…yeah, it was the same for the rest of us too. You are not alone there. Hopefully there are some good ones. But the one nice thing about it is it is a co-ed fraternity. That means it is not just all guys…girls can join too!

Membership dues are only $35 which is pretty cheap. Sigma Phi Sigma will (I believe—I’m still learning about this organization) help pay for some of your fees in the mortuary science program. It will cover some travel expenses and will help pay for a nice, spiffy picture of you with fancy groom hair that will be taken at the end of the program and will be hung in the hallways for all to see. Feel free to travel through the hallways of building H and take a look at the other people’s photographs—they all have perfect hair. Seriously—I can’t stop staring at those pictures. I feel like whenever I’m going to get my photograph taken I am going to be a big letdown to the photographer.

I’m not positive to what all Sigma Phi Sigma has plan for the year. That is one thing I am anxious to learn about, and I will write about later. I’m aware that they do throw a Halloween party, which to me is great because Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Overall, Sigma Phi Sigma should be a great experience for anyone entering the mortuary science program and hopefully it will turn out to be a great networking tool in the future.

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