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Just Remember to Relax

(CSC Original Post 09-30-09)

The week is finally over. I’m happy. It has been one of those weeks that feel like it has been dragging on forever, but you still don’t have enough time to do what you need to do.

I am one of the people who is big on keeping a routine. Having a routine helps you keep yourself more organized and keep your focus on track. This week though my routine completely failed me. I kept to it, but I made the mistake of adding too many things to my agenda this week to where I was completely overhauled and couldn’t keep up with things. The result was I had to make some sacrifices. And the sacrifices I made were not studying for my Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology exams.

Personally, I am not making a big deal of not being able to study enough for the exams. I believe I did pretty well on them. I was able to study for about 45 minutes before my Chemistry exam, and my Anatomy exam I didn’t bother studying until I went to the classroom before the exam. I could have stayed up late the night before cramming for the tests like some other students did, but I am one of those people who prefer to be well-rested. I never try to stress myself over some test. The reason is, for me, I found that when I do get stressed out for some exam I go into panic mode when I am studying. I don’t think clearly and usually the result is I confused myself even more when I am studying.

My whole view on studying is not caring too much. For each exam I go in asking myself, “Do I know enough of the material that I should be able to get a C for a grade?” If I do, that’s great. Any grade that I got that is better than a C for me is bonus points. But thinking like this helps me stay calm and think rationally. I am able to focus better on the exam. And usually it turns out I receive a grade that is a lot better than a C.

Now this method works for me. I don’t know if it works for everyone. I’ll admit I have a decent memory to remember things. But when it comes to hectic exams, just try to find some way that helps you keep calm before the exam so you don’t get too stressed out. One thing I learned from this past A & P exam is one person who is freaked out about the exam and easily make a group of people start freaking out about the exam. And wow, it is really amusing to watch.

Anyway, this week is finally over. I believe this is my first weekend since possibly the second week of school that I have nothing to do. I think I’ll sleep for the most of it.


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