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Everyday is Just the Same

(CSC Original Post 10-02-09)

It’s the beginning of October. The weather is getting a bit cooler and the leaves should be changing colors soon. They might have been already…I haven’t been outside much lately. I don’t do well in cold weather.

The mortuary science program is starting to slow down a bit where everything is now becoming a routine. All the newness, excitement and anticipation that came with all the students in the beginning of the semester have started to drift away. Now I have to struggle to open my eyes and crawl out of bed early in the morning. Half the time after I bathe myself, dress myself, and eat something I jump back into my bed until the very minute that my body is required to actually get up and go to school.

Don’t get me wrong. The mortuary science classes are still more interesting than most of the other classes I have taken in the past. There are plenty of stories and things to do in the program. I still enjoy myself here at Carl Sandburg. But all the freshness is gone. It is like when you first start a new job. Unless the job is horrible, you are going to be curious and anticipating all the new things you’ll be doing. After some time though, all those thoughts pass and you feel like you’ve been working that job forever. Or another example is when you find yourself a new girlfriend or boyfriend. In the beginning of the relationship it is fun, exciting and full of passion. After three months into the relationship pretty much you are just like, “You’re still here? Why can’t you be like how you were 3 months ago?” All the excitement is gone and everything that was new and exciting about the person is now normal.

I’m still looking forward to some of the things that we have plan in mortuary science. We have a Halloween party coming up at the end of October. Plus we are organizing some fundraiser events. I don’t think the first year classes have any upcoming field trips for some time, but I believe the second year class has some trips to look forward to right now.

There are other things that I am excited and looking forward to with this program, but I have to wait until other semesters to actually experience those things. Until then, all I can do is go to school and keep attending my classes like I’ve always done before. Some things feel like they never changed.

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