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Sigma Phi Sigma's Award Ceremony

(CSC Original Post 03-01-10)

This past Saturday the mortuary science fraternity, Sigma Phi Sigma, held their awards ceremony at McGillacuddy’s Restaurant in Galesburg, Illinois. People of all types started showing up for the event around 6:30 p.m. In attendance were mortuary science students, alumni and other special guests. There were 52 people scheduled to attend the event, but some people had to back out at the last minute while others who originally were not planning on making it to the awards ceremony were able to show up. Overall it was probably a good thing that not everyone was able to make it to the awards ceremony. If everyone did show up it would have been extremely cramped and crowded inside the room we were in at McGillacuddy’s Restaurant.

The event started off with an introduction by Tim Krause and the Sigma Phi Sigma President Christopher Hroziencik. Tim introduced all the special guests and alumni at the awards ceremony, while Chris introduced all the Sigma Phi Sigma members who were in attendance. All the Sigma Phi Sigma members at the event received a special certificate for being a part of the mortuary science organization. After the certificates were handed out, the recipients of the scholarship awards were announced.

Christopher Hroziencik and Kari Schumacher both won scholarships from the second-year class. Melissa Salazar, Brenda Sullivan and Paul Olson (which is me in case you were not aware) each won a scholarship from the first-year class. Each scholarship recipient received a scholarship certificate. However after closely inspecting my scholarship certificate I did notice (after my girlfriend and my mother noticed first) that the certificate handed to me identified me as a female. Right now my mother has the certificate framed and proudly tells people, "That's my daughter!" Anyways, after the scholarships certificates were handed out to each individual, the announcements shortly wrapped up and dinner was served to the guests.

This awards ceremony gave everyone a chance to socialize with each other. It was great speaking with past alumni members, and hearing stories of what funeral directing is like in the real world. Unfortunately during the last hour I was at McGillacuddy’s Restaurant I did not do much socializing due to being distracted by the game of pool. I can’t resist pool tables.

The awards ceremony was a nice, relaxing time for people to meet each other and chat a little. Plus for me it is always more fun to hang out with people outside of the classroom setting. I will definitely attend this again next year. After the awards ceremony some of us from the mortuary science program got together and decided to go out in Galesburg to the bars. It was probably not the smartest idea since we have finals this week, but it was still fun.

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