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The End of the 8-Week Semester

(CSC Original Post 03-01-14)

Well the semester is finally over…at least for the mortuary science students. All the hard work and studying we contributed in the last 8-weeks have finally come to a conclusion. I’ll be honest with you. If you ever find yourself in an 8-week course do not take it for granted. You will have to stay on top of things. You will absorb a lot of material in such a small amount of time. It is not easy, nor is it not fun. I’m just giving you a warning.

I don’t know what to expect next for the mortuary science program in the fall semester. Well, actually that’s a lie. I do know what to expect. If I tell you then I would have nothing to write about during next semester for this blog. One good thing though is I do not have to worry about taking any summer classes. Some students in the program will be taking Sociology in the summer if they have not already taken it. One recommendation I have for people who are planning on entering the mortuary science program is try to take care of your general education classes right away. If you have already taken care of those classes then it will free up your class schedule quite a bit. Trust me, the more free time you have for your mortuary science classes the more it will help.

Even though the semester is over for the mortuary science program, some of the students will still be sticking around Carl Sandburg College. The mortuary science fraternity Sigma Phi Sigma will be having a bake sale on March 16th and 17th to help raise money for Haiti. There will be bake goods and sweets that people can pick up on their way to or coming from class. The money from the bake sale will be going towards a good cause, so hopefully it would be a decent turnout for the sale.

Other than the bake sale, most of us from the mortuary science program will probably not see each other until next fall. Some of us still have other classes we are taking at Carl Sandburg College while some others do not. The nice thing however is Spring Break is coming up for Carl Sandburg College so that means everyone will have a chance to have a nice break. Then summer will be coming soon, and after that back to the routine of mortuary science in the fall. I hope everyone has a good break.

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