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Preparing for the End of the Semester

(CSC Original Post 02-18-10)

The countdown to the end is near. There are only two more weeks until the end of the mortuary science program. Right now it feels like if endorphins are slowly being released inside the body. Everyone in the program has worked hard this semester and some of us are using the rest of this week as a temporary small break from studying and research.

The overall feeling of a “big relief” came immediately as soon as each person finished their speech this week. I have to admit one thing that was different with this speech and kept everyone’s heart pumping hard was the fact that no one knew when he or she was going to give their speech. The instructor drew the name of a person out of a hat when it was time to give a speech. When your name was drawn is when you had to go in front of the class and present your speech. For me, I imagine the feeling of anticipation had to be similar to what people felt while waiting to be sent to the guillotine in France in the 18th century. Some people wanted to avoid it. Others just wanted to get it over with while the blade was still sharp.

Of course we are aware that since there are only two weeks left in the program that everything is not going to be an easy cake walk. There are still things that need to be done. We still have a research paper, and we still have to study for our comprehensive finals. In my opinion that can wait until this weekend. Right now it is break time. Everyone deserves a little break every now and then. It helps keeping people from getting burnout from too much studying.

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