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Tips on Public Speaking

(CSC Original Post 02-16-10)

This week in the mortuary science program we are giving speeches in the Funeral Service Counseling program. The students are able to select the speech they want to give and are required to dress professionally for the presentation. I pick to give a speech on the Hindu culture and its rites and rituals when it comes to both funerals and grieving.

Normally, speeches do not bother me that much because when I attended Northern Illinois University I ended up doing speeches, presentations and debates all the time. However, a notion came to me making me realize it has been over five years since I gave my last speech. Also I have not been able to give a 100% focus on the speech topic due to studying for all the exams lately. So I am aware I might be a bit rusty when it comes time for me to present my speech.

Usually with times like this I try to make myself remember of write down certain bulletin points on several note cards that I need to talk about. I don’t like reading when presenting a speech because in my opinion people sound too similar to a robot. I prefer trying to keep eye contact with the audience and talk to them. I am not worry if I make a mistake because everyone makes mistakes every once in a while when talking such as instructors, presenters, etc. If a mistake does happens, the best thing a person can do is roll with it and keep going. That is much better than stopping and focusing on your mistake.

The most important thing I can recommend for a speech is to know your material that you are presenting. If you know your information that you are presenting than everything will be fine. I am not exactly sure how well I will do with the speech, but I am not going to make myself worried. My GPA in the class right now is 100. If a make a few mistakes it won’t hurt me that much.

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