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Problems with Commuting

(CSC Original Post 02-12-10)

If I had to give some advice to any person who plans on entering the mortuary science program either here at Carl Sandburg College or at any other school my advice would be this: do not commute during the winter. You should consider moving closer to campus during the wintertime. Why? It’s simple—traveling on ice or snow is not fun. Of course, the exceptions to this advice are any colleges that do not see much snowfall during winter.

Last semester our program had quite a few students who option to commute to Galesburg instead of moving here. This is understandable. Some people might have families or jobs that they do not wish to leave behind. However, a good majority of those students this semester now either live closer to campus, or carry cash with them in case they have to rent a cheap motel room for the night. This is because with the unpredictable weather during the winter some people never know how safe the traveling conditions might be. Plus this semester in mortuary science is one of those semesters that no one can risk missing one day of class. Each class in our mortuary science program this semester is about 2 hours long, so if you miss one day of class you miss out on quite a bit of information.

Also another good reason to consider for moving closer to the college in the wintertime is no one knows for sure if or when the school might cancel classes due to the weather conditions. For instance, if you have a 2-hour commute to school and by the time you finally reach near the college you receive a call on your cell phone telling you campus is closed for the day because of the weather conditions. What happens then is you will have to turn around and try to make that same trip back home in those horrible conditions. This incident did happen to one person I spoke with recently.

In the long run it will be better and safer for students to rent an apartment, stay with a friend, or rent a motel room close to campus while attending school in the winter. It brings more peace to the mind about not worrying about making long trips in bad weather, and it will bring some comfort to know that you will not miss one day of class.

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