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Never Enough Vocabulary: Pathology Tips

(CSC Original Post 02-05-10)

Lately, I’ve been studying my notes from Introduction to Pathology in order to prepare for next week’s exam (to give you an idea how fast we are going this semester we just finished our last pathology exam last week). As I have been reviewing my notes, a thought keeps returning to me that some of this information in the notes could be both beneficial and important for all types of people--not just those who are in the mortuary science program.

In the beginning of the semester our instructor went over some common prefixes and suffixes of words with the idea of if we knew what these prefixes and suffixes mean then we should be able to figure out some of the terminology in class. This helped a lot. Some of these prefixes and suffixes I found to be not only useful in mortuary science, but they also transcend into other fields as well. For instance, this information could help people who are entering the health field, taking biology, and/or those who are planning on taking the GRE for graduate school and need to study for the vocabulary section of the test.

I thought I would do something different with the blog this time and share with you some prefixes and suffixes and their meanings from class. So if you are not interested in learning anything new or do not find this information rather important feel free to skip this blog. If you are curious or you want to educate yourself then feel free to continue on reading. I feel this information can be beneficial and helpful for a lot of people. Enjoy!

(The beginning of a word)

(The end of a word)

a-: without or not -angio: vessel
an-: without -algia: pain
ante-: before-ase: enzyme
anti-: against -cele: a protrusion
auto-: self -cyte: cell
bio-: life-ectomy: excision
dys-: difficult -emisis: vomit
endo-: within -emia: blood
hem-, hemo-: blood -esthesia: sensation
hetero-: dissimilar -genesis: generation of
homeo-: similar-itis: inflammation
hyper-: above or excess -lith: stone
hypo-: deficiency -megaly: enlargement
macro-: large -oid: like
mal-: bad-otomy: to cute
micro-: small-pathy: disease
necro-: death -plasia: to form
neo-: new -pnea: breath
osteo-: bone-sclerosis: hardening

peri-: around -stasis: standing still
poly-: many -trophy: nourish


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