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Keyboards, Pencils & Hand Cramps: Be Prepared to Write in Mortuary Science

(CSC Original Post 02-03-10)

One thing that has surprised me and I would have never guessed from the beginning of the semester is how much writing I would be doing this semester. Every time when I start to believe I am done writing, I turn around and there is something else there for me to write. It’s starting to become a vicious circle. Okay, well maybe not exactly a vicious circle, but it does feel like a never-ending process.

Don’t get me wrong. Writing assignments in the mortuary science program isn’t usually that difficult, but when you only have 8-weeks of class during the semester the assignments aren’t spaced out either. You are not given the option to procrastinate on the writing assignments like in a regular 16-week semester. It feels like you are writing and researching all of the assignments at the same time.

In our Funeral Service Counseling class we have a short four-page research paper due in 3 or 4 weeks. We are to pick a topic and discuss how that topic relates with process of grieving. My original idea for the research paper was to focus on several different cultures, and compare and contrast those cultures and their grieving rituals. The idea behind this was to find if there were any particular grieving rituals done by other cultures that could benefit the American culture and how we grieve. Unfortunately I had to scrap that idea. When I printed out some scholarly journals on several cultures I was interested in I realized all the information would make my research paper too long. Right now I am trying to narrow it down to one particular culture and focus on it.

We also have to give a speech in Funeral Service Counseling in 2 or 3 weeks. My intention is to do a speech over the same topic I am using for the research paper. I figure I might as well make it a little easier for myself and kill two birds with one stone. I am going to create a power point slide for the speech. For me, power point presentations are great because they can help you prepare for a speech and you can always use them as an outline for your presentation. I’ll try to give an update on the speech when it gets a little bit closer to the due date.

Another class that the mortuary science students have to give a speech in is the accounting class. I have previously taken accounting before so I don’t need to take the class here at Carl Sandburg College, but I will be honest and say I am quite curious to see what the speeches are actually about. I have never seen or heard of an accounting class where the students gave speeches. A part of me actually wants to sit in for that class just to watch and listen to the speeches. I imagine it would be one of those things you want to bring popcorn for, but then it is accounting so the speeches can’t be too entertaining.

Management Fundamentals is a class that involves an abundance of writing assignments. Every week the students in the class are required to write a short summary of the chapter we are reading in the textbook. To be honest the summaries are not that horrible. It does not have to be an overall summary of the chapter. We can just choose something that we like from the chapter and write about why we like it. It’s pretty simple. It is more time consuming just reading through the textbook before you can start on the paper.

And of course lest not forget I have these blogs to write which is obviously the easiest compared to all of my other assignments. If you have actually read my blogs you can tell I don’t think when I write them. The reason I believe is some things are better kept simple. I never know who may be reading this.

So if you plan on entering the mortuary science program, be prepared to do some writing. Sometimes it feels like you are doing a lot of writing.

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