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The Joy of Scholarships When You Are Broke

(CSC Original Post 01-29-10)

Well the week is almost over which is good because right now I am a bit brain dead. I’ve been sitting here in front of this computer for almost one hour staring at the monitor’s screen. It’s been a long week.

Some great news though this past week is I received a letter stating I was selected to receive the Robert Baird Woolsey Memorial Scholarship. A couple of months ago the mortuary science students were informed of some scholarships that the first-year students and the second-year students could apply for. Of course, if you were familiar with my blogs from last semester and are in a similar situation to my current financial situation then this is something you don’t think twice about. You do it. Scholarships are something that can help you out with the financial cost of attending college—which is especially important if you are paying for college out of your own pocket. To fill them out does not take much time, and in the end if you are selected for the scholarship the effort you put into the scholarship is well worth it. Also you may be surprise to see how many people do not even bother to take the time to fill out scholarships. So if you ever get the chance to apply for a scholarship, I recommend you take it!

The Mortuary Science Fraternity, Sigma Phi Sigma, will also be having an awards ceremony on February 27th that will consist of alumni members and special guests. Of course at this ceremony they will announce the scholarship recipients, and I believe the event will offer a good chance for me to personally thank the committee behind the Robert Baird Woolsey Memorial Scholarship. Mortuary Science students should be interested in attending the awards ceremony as well because it will also give them chance to network a little.

Overall, I am very ecstatic and grateful to receive this scholarship because it is going to help me out a lot. It is going to put some extra relief to my financial burden of paying for my education. I was getting to the point of looking around to places to donate plasma just to receive some extra cash to help pay for my second year at Carl Sandburg College. I am not kidding about that either.

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