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Thanksgiving With Caskets

(CSC Original Post 11-23-09)

It’s Thanksgiving week here at Carl Sandburg College. So what does that mean for the Mortuary Science program? Well, I will tell you. That means it is time for our Thanksgiving dinner.

As a way to celebrate the holiday and for us to do more activities together, the students in the mortuary science program got together today for a Thanksgiving dinner. I would like to think there were similarities with our Thanksgiving dinner compared to the one of the original Thanksgiving. The first-year and second-year mortuary science students got together for a dinner similar to the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. We each brought food and shared it with each other. We laughed, talked and had a good old jubilee. Of course in reality if anyone saw our Thanksgiving dinner, most people would probably consider it more similar to their own family Thanksgiving dinner instead of the original Thanksgiving since we did set up a smaller table for the second-year students which did resembled a little kiddies’ table. The second-year students are younger than us anyways, so it was all good. Maybe the one difference between our Thanksgiving and the original Thanksgiving is I'm sure the Pilgrims and the Native Americans were not surrounded by caskets while they ate.

The Thanksgiving dinner we had today was a nice way to start off the week for all of us. Even though we only have three days of school this week, the delicious food helped us forget about the research papers and the exams this week. Everyone was able to get together, talk and mellow out a bit. It was a nice fresh break before our real Thanksgiving break.

It is easy to assume that a good percentage of us during our little upcoming break will not be thinking about school or homework, but instead will be thinking about food, relaxing and having a good time. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving break this year. Just remember to make the most of it. This will be the only break you will have until we get closer to Christmas.


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