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Finals Week at Carl Sandburg College

(CSC Original Post 12-02-09)

I am right now sitting at a desk staring through a window at the parking lot outside contemplating what I should write about. It is now December. The sun is shining, the grass is green and temperature outside is somewhat mild. It is not exactly the ideal for “dreaming of a white Christmas” but I don’t mind the scenery. It has been a nice relaxing day.

There are only a couple of weeks of school left here at Carl Sandburg College until the fall semester is finally over. To be more precise, our classes only meet three more times until we take our final exams. Finals of course is the time of the school year when people put their heads and noses inside their books, and strain their eyeballs until they are about ready to burst out of their sockets in hopes that their brain will comprehend some of the words or pictures that they are staring at. Finals week at Carl Sandburg starts December 14th and will continue until December 17th. If anyone needs to know the class schedule for finals week, you can pick up a sheet detailing the information at the Information Desk at either Building B or Building D.

However, this is also the time in the school year when some people can sense the imminent end of the school semester that their minds completely check out of their heads and procrastination checks in. I’ll admit…I am one of those people. Some people just don’t want to think about school right now and only want to focus on the upcoming break.

It always happens. Right after we get back from Thanksgiving break you just have to take a look at the calendar and the calendar in some mystifying way says to you, “Hey, you only have 2 ½ weeks left of school. So what are your plans afterwards?” Immediately reality and everything that is happening for the moment gets pushed out of your mind and your head wants to jump ahead to the next break and stay on permanent vacation for the rest of the semester. You ever notice the people in your class with the daze look in their eyes. Maybe you notice a little bit of drool running down from the side of their mouths. Yeah, there mind isn’t there anymore. It left as soon as they walked through those college doors. Don’t worry because their minds will make a sudden reappearance by December 18th when the semester is officially over. By the way I am a psychic also. The same thing will happen again next semester immediately following Spring Break.

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen to someone around finals week, but it does happen. While some people are dreading the upcoming final exams, there are other people who are looking forward to them just because as soon as the finals are done the school semester is over. I’ll admit I am one of those people who is anxiously anticipating the finals because I prefer getting things done and over with. I am not at all worried about the final exams. As of right now I have done well in all my classes, so if I don’t do so well with my finals it is not the end of the world for me. I believe I should be able to receive a good grade with my finals. If anything at all, I will at least be optimistic and have a high expectation that I should be able to receive a good grade. Having confidence in yourself does help your mindset a bit.


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