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A Brief Summary of My College Research Papers

(CSC Original Post 11-20-09)

Here is a short blog for the week. The good news is the week is almost over. I just finished my two research papers. Right now I am at the library getting ready to print them out so I can proof read them. My topic for Psychology of Grief and Death was parental bereavement. I picked that topic because to me it was easier for me to relate to since my parents suffered from the loss of my brother several months ago. However reading the material did become a bit frustrating. The majority of the studies I researched for the paper the results were inconclusive. The reason is obvious as to why the studies were inconclusive—everyone grieves differently.

For my Mortuary Law research paper, the topic I focused on is Tri-State Crematory in Noble, Georgia. Tri-State Crematory was a crematory that various funeral homes used in Georgia. The idea of a crematory is to cremate a dead person and give the family the ashes of that person. Tri-State Crematory instead dumped the bodies of the dead in the woods or wherever they can and gave the families urns that were filled with powder cement. Authorities found a total of 339 abandoned bodies scattered around.

This is a quick brief about my research papers. Now I am getting ready to do a take-home exam for Mortuary Law at the library. I have to take the exam at the library because the exam is on the computer, and I don’t receive good internet signal from where I live. After I get done with the Mortuary Law exam, I’ll probably run on the treadmill for a couple of miles and then get ready to study for my History of Mortuary Science exam on Monday. This is all I have to say for right now. Like I mentioned earlier in my previous entry it has been a busy week and I need to stay focus on getting my things done. Right now I need to get started with the take-home exam on the computer.

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