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Back to School

The summer is over. A part of me is glad. It has been an exhausting summer. I lost so much weight these past couple of months that an anorexic would be jealous of me. The past couple of weeks I have been trying to gain some weight back. Not from hard work though. Just eating a lot and being lazy.

School is back in session. Students are starting to line up and prepare for their classes at Carl Sandburg College. Like cattle that have been shown an open door, some of them don't know exactly where to go. Either they wander around, or they stand still and hope that something will appear right in front of them. A part of me wonders if I was like them when I was their age. Probably not.

This is my second and final year in the mortuary science program. There is a part of me is anxious to get this year over with because I somehow feel like I've been robbed of a summer break. I spent most of the summer working two jobs. Oh well, I imagine the feeling will pass eventually. As for now, I will hang on tightly to that feeling.

If you don't already know who I am, my name is Paul Olson and I have been writing blogs for Carl Sandburg College for one year now. If you haven't read any of my blogs...well, that's okay. You don't need to. There are quite a few posts written by me, and I have a bad tendency to write a lot. If you do check out any of my older posts there will be lots of reading. However maybe you should at least check out my first blog posting which is a basic introduction for this blog.

I am a mortuary science student here at Carl Sandburg College. This is my second year in the program which means I can tease all the newbies in mortuary science this year. I pretty much write little musings about my experiences here at Carl Sandburg College and its mortuary science program. That is why I title my blogs, "Mortuary Science Blogs."

Hopefully if your brain consumes a slightest bit of curiosity about mortuary science, you will find these posts interesting. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I always enjoy comments or questions from people.


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