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Music From The Morgue

"Why am I writing about music in a mortuary science blog?"
"Funeral directors have to pay for a music license, don't they?"
"You might as well learn about new music."

The other day I went searching around for Danzig's new album Red Deth Sabbaoth, which was sold-out everywhere, but I did however manage to find a little gem with Kele The Boxer. The Boxer is the new solo album from Bloc Party's singer Kele Okereke. If you have never heard of Bloc Party before, they are a excellent Indie band from the U.K. I highly suggest you check out their first full-length album, Silent Alarm.

The Boxer is Kele's latest offering as his band is taking a hiatus and the album doesn't disappoint. The album fully embraces the electronic music that the band has flirted with in the past and mixes it with Kele's song writing. I was surprise to even find this album since I originally knew nothing about this. Seeing it was a shock. I played the album as soon as I bought it and it is excellent road-trip music for those long drives.


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