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You Can Be Dr. Jekyll or You Can Be Mr. Hyde

One thing I never realized before was how cut-and-dry funeral directors' personalities were. At the IFDA Convention in Peoria, IL, I had the opportunity to meet and network with various funeral directors from around the state. On one side there were funeral directors that were sociable--they smiled, had great personalities and they were easily approachable. On the other side there were funeral directors that were non-sociable--they held a strong stonewall-look on their face and appeared to be extremely bland.

The notion that occurred to me is I could not find any funeral directors at the convention that were somewhere in the middle. Either they were at one extreme, or at the other. I am a person who observes people's body languages and there were some funeral directors at the convention who weren't sending out the best signals. While there are funeral directors who are easily approachable, there are also funeral directors who act like they do not want to be approached at all. My thought to this is if this is the appearance a funeral director gives at a convention outside of work, what kind of appearance does the person give when dealing with a grieving family member who just lost a love one?

Just a side note:

My girlfriend who was at the convention with me told me if I ever end up being bland like some of the funeral directors there she would break up with me.

I agree.

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