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My Ways Around A Research Paper

(CSC Original Post 11-06-09)

This semester is going by fast. I am not going to say much with this blog because I am trying to conserve all my energy and brain cells for the two research papers I need to focus on. I have one research paper in Psychology of Grief and Dying and one in Mortuary Law that are due the week of Thanksgiving break. Everyone in the program knew about both research papers since day one—some of us have been slightly slacking off working on them.

It has been several years since I have worked on a research paper so my brain is going into a frenzy trying to remember how to write. Or in other words I can’t get away with writing a research paper like how I write these blogs. I will actually have to think and proofread for the research papers instead of spinning myself around in a chair and start babbling about whatever first thing that pops inside my head. Sorry Carl Sandburg College. When it comes to blogs I’m like a monkey pushing a button for a banana.

When it comes to writing a paper, I have a tendency to write somewhere between 3-5 drafts before the final paper. My first draft will be all freestyle writing. I write whatever comes to my head. I print out the paper, proofread it and look for any corrections.

The second draft is usually me scrapping 80% of my previous draft and reconsidering another way to write the paper. Proofreading offers you a chance to re-think the paper if you need to. After working on the second draft I once again print out the paper, proofread it and make some slight additional (or sometimes major) changes to the paper along with grammar corrections. I constantly repeat this process until I am 100% satisfied with the final product.

In case if you were wondering, this is why I never proofread my blogs. If I did they would never be put up. Of course if they weren’t put up then no one would have to suffer through any bad grammar errors or any incoherent nonsense that might occur in the blogs.

But anyways, I’m off to work on my two research papers. Wish me luck. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to me bashing my skull against the table or wall.

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