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(CSC Original Post 01-21-10)

A part of me is excited this semester that most of my classes are only 8-weeks long. However it did not occur to me about how much information the mortuary science program is going to try to cram inside our heads as fast as they can possibly can.

The classes this semester are a little bit more challenging than last fall semester. There is a lot more information your brain needs to retain in a shorter amount of time. Lest not forget that the exams will be popping up sooner and more frequently than last semester as well. Slacking off this semester is still an option, but not really a good option to pick.

However one option students can pick to help themselves is to test themselves with online quizzes or assessments. Students should be able to find online quizzes over the Internet that covers the material they are studying in class. For example, some instructors will put assessments on the school’s blackboard that will cover certain chapters or sections that students can use to help them practice. The assessments given to the mortuary science students offer a certain amount of questions that students must answer in a certain time limit. The assessments are not for a grade, but for practice only. After you are done you can submit the assessment and check to see which questions you answered right or wrong.

However if your instructor does not use blackboard or does not offer assessments, the next best bet is to go to the website of the textbook you are using. Some textbooks offer practice quizzes over the chapters in the textbook as well as a chapter summary. Not all the textbook websites are going to be similar, but this is a great way to review and prepare before an exam. This is the method I relied on last semester for my Anatomy & Physiology class. I kept doing the online quizzes over and over again until I was confidant with the material.

If the textbook you are using does not offer online quizzes—or at least not free online quizzes—then the next thing you can do is use an Internet search engine and type in the name of your subject material and then quiz. It might not be exactly everything that you are looking for, but it will still help you practice and prepare for an exam.

Doing these practice quizzes helped me out a lot last semester and I plan on continuing doing them this semester. It is a great way to help you prepare for an exam, and it gives you an idea of how much of the information you actually know.


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