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Can You Hear Me Now?

If you don’t already hate cell phones from either people who do not pay attention when they drive while talking, or from annoying people who speak loudly over their phones in public, there is another reason why you might learn to hate them.

Funeral directors might want to take extra caution about letting employees or other helpers (such as beauticians for example) bring in their cell phones into the preparation room when there is a body present. Cell phones have advance from the prehistoric days of being used for simple phones calls and texting to having the capacity of taking pictures, recording videos, playing music, browsing the Internet and much more. Cell phones are not just phones. They are a switch army knife of technology.

Funeral directors need to be cautious when people are preparing a body to make sure no one has a cell phone with them. A disgruntle employee can easily take a few snapshots of pictures and send them to friends. Another person can easily record a video while in the preparation room and within minutes post the video on YouTube. The results from this poor negligence could create a bad image for the funeral home within the community, or even possibly a lawsuit from family members of the deceased whose body might have been captured on video or by the camera.

Funeral directors need to be aware of the change in technology, and the possible effects the latest technology could bring if used improperly.


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