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"Why am I writing about music in a mortuary science blog?"
"Funeral directors have to pay for a music license, don't they?"
"You might as well learn about new music."

There is a new little music project from Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig called How To Destroy Angels. In case you are not aware, Trent Reznor is the brainchild behind the industrial band Nine Inch Nails. NIN is considered one of the most influential and the most sucessful bands from the past couple of decades with a huge catalog of albums you can easily find and check out.

If you never heard of Mariqueen Maandig before (which there is a good chance), she isn't a person who is new on the block. Unlike what many are assuming, Maandig isn't among the numerous list of wives who marry a musican and suddenly wants to have their own music career. Maandig was part of a band called West Indian Girl. The keyword to that sentence is "was." She left the band last year.

Fans of NIN might enjoy How To Destroy Angels as some songs resemble something you might hear off the Ghost or With Teeth albums. However, fans of West Indian Girl may not dig the music as much. My girlfriend Kavita is a fan of West Indian Girl (as well as I) and she has yet to give me her input on the new EP. The EP of How To Destroy Angles is extremely contrast in styles compared to any West Indian Girl albums. Maandig's vocals and the style of music reminds me of something similar to the musician Jarboe. The music stays mellow and never gets heavy. Fans of Reznor also might be disappointed in that Trent does not sing on most the tracks.

Personally, I find the music relaxing. In my opinion this is something you can listen to while reading, writing or doing some other type of work or recreation. The one disappointment I do have has nothing to do with the music itself, but the fact that Maandig left West Indian Girl for this. I'm aware that she wanted to do something different musically, but she was fantastic in that band. I guess one big plus for West Indian Girl is more NIN fans are checking out that band now out of curiosity. Although I admit I am amazed that Reznor and Maandig ever hooked up and eventually married. I didn't realize this fact until I checked out the EP. I never imagined Reznor as a person who would listen to West Indian Girl.

The music video below is the band's first single. You can download How To Destroy Angels EP for free off the band's website, or if you are like me and like having physical content in your hands or supporting certain bands you can now purchase the album fairly cheap.


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